Monday, November 2, 2009

Stop-Motion Animation

Today, I've been working in the studio on animating some of the new LEGO stop-motion animation movie my brothers and I are producing.

Things are looking really good.

Animating in the Studio at Ponder Pictures

I'm gearing up to begin animation on a very complex shot that includes some tricky camera movements. The animating will have to be executed just right for everything to work and the camera movements to come out looking smooth. I'm going to have to really take my time and do it right.

Currently, I'm getting ready to do a bunch of tests to make sure everything is going to work.
Even still I may have to re-animate the shot once or twice. We'll see how it turns out.

While the camera is moving, I'll also be animating our Ninja riding his horse down the mountain. Animating the LEGO horse running also poses some difficulty seeing as how LEGO horses legs don't move :)

The shot I'm working on right now is the most difficult shot of the film so far. However, we have many other shots coming soon that will be much more complicated and involve more action and characters.

So, I'm really looking ahead to these coming weeks, and I'm excited about the animation we'll be doing!
I think it's going to come out looking really good.

Check back here on our website and I'll keep you posted ;)

P.S. and as soon as I'm done animating this new shot, I'll post it online here!


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